Digvijay Singh Shekhawat, Work & Profile

Study on the go & pass them exams with ease


GSM Android App



UI/UX Designer



July '18 – Sept '18

I was hired on freelance basis to design and brand the application. I worked directly with Co-Founder Rohit Singhal to finalise all the designs and flows.

GSM App on Google Play Store has 10K+ downloads.

Logo redesign

The Onboarding

The app in its most basic form is an educational content distribution medium. The content buckets are available for few universities and entrance exams, both in Hindi and English.

Home screen

Currently we support 10 content types, each with their unique layouts and behaviours:

Previous Year Papers, Practise Objective, Key points,Mock Test, Speed Test, Subject wise Test, Short Trick Videos, Concept Of The Day, Practise Subjective, and Formulas.

Crafting details

Each of the content types has a particular color, and overall the theme is white so as to contain these multi colors.

Multiple states of the cards/content is shown through the z index and color of the card.

Quiz UX

Subscription, packages, and the payment module

GSM App on Google Play Store has 10K+ downloads.