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Creepex is an interactive story based chat-game.


Creepex (Creepy Experience)






From Jan '17

Me, Kaushal Bhardwaj, and Pranay Pandey were trying to create something around conversational-UI and ended up with a 'pseudo' CUI based game.

This game let the user experience a creepy story, through a hard-coded, and interactive chat.

My job was to make sure it all feels real and users have a nice immersive experience.

This app now has ~100K downloads.

Google Play Store link

Our targeted audience were the fantasy junkies; people with good imagination ~teenagers mostly.

On contrary, the app's stats told that the young-adults(18-25) were just 27% of our audience, millennials(25-34) were 33%, and the rest 40% was distributed in 35-65+ age groups 🤷‍♂️

The Creepex Story Tree


We tried to create an environment where the user feels at-home; subtle clues are used to direct the app’s flow.

​​We created a sense of familiarity by introducing patterns that are most commonly seen in all chat-apps.

We carefully used the time to create anticipation and rush. Small clues like sent, seen, and is typing gives this game a human touch.

The Flow

​​The user has to choose a response-dialog at every step in the story guided by the active/inactive send button.

What user types is predefined but they still have to go through the typing-motions (fake typing) on a keyboard.

Subtle cues to keep it interesting

Market Feedback

Note: Image only shows few selected low ratings.

Many users complained about the fake-typing after choosing the response-dialog.

But what is a chat game where you don't type? Typing makes you experience the character, involve you directly into the story.

Thanks to all the reviews we realized that showing people what they are typing, while typing, will improve the typing experience.

The improvements in 2nd iteration

We added a view bar just above the newly implemented ghost-keyboard, to show the word that the user is typing.

This game can be completed in 20 minutes but there is always a demand for more stories and more personalization.

We have some thoughts on the concept of a story-store which will sell different stories/chats/experiences to the users. It will be an open market for creativity to create and sell their stories.

Creepex has taught me the scale of things, the number of people we can impact via a small and simple application. It has connected 90K+ people from 175+ countries. It's still adding 20 new users everyday.